Sunday, 5 September 2010

My Best Friends Wedding!

Yesterday one of my best friends in the whole world got married. I met her at school when we were both 14, and have been friends ever since. We've been through EVERYTHING together, and her wedding yesterday was such a wonderful, emotional day. She looked breath taking, and I was just so proud of her. I know her and her new husband are going to be so happy together and he will take care of her forever. The only sad thing is now she is moving to Leicester to live with him, so I won't get to see her as much anymore. I'm so happy she is getting to start a new life with him and I really couldn't be filled with more joy for them! The wedding was so colourful, some of the dresses the other guests were wearing were works of art in themselves! My friend told me the henna on her arms alone took nearly 7 hours to do - I can't imagine how many more hours were spent on her adornments!

I got a new app on my iphone that lets you self time photographs so I can finally do some proper outfits shots. It was my first try out yesterday, and although I'm pleased with the pictures the colours aren't very vivid so I have had a little play around with that to make the colours on my dress to stand out a bit more. My outfit is absolutely boring compared to everyone elses' at the wedding, but here it is anyway, and then there is a photo of me and another school friend with the happy couple!

Enjoy :)


Dress: by Jovonna
Jacket: by All Saints
Shoes: by Office


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