Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Could This Be A Small Miracle? Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne

Hello any fellow acne/break out sufferers!
And hello any non-acne sufferers as well :)

Today I am going to writing about a wonderful discovery to help calm down any sore, itchy, generally nasty break outs and problem areas. I know how horrible it is to suffer from acne, as I have had bad skin since I turned 13. It can be so hard to deal with, and so embarassing. My skin got so much better when I went on the pill, but I came off it about a year ago and since then its gradually got worse and worse. I was complaining about my skin on twitter when one of my lovely twitter friends Carly @millmo7 recommended I try using a solution of Apple Cider Vinegar and water (50/50) as a toner on my skin, after cleansing. I had never even heard of apple cider vinegar, but I duly trotted off to Sainsbury's and found a bottle! I have been using it most nights on my skin, and despite the smell of vinegar on my face, I am full of praise for this! From the first night I used it my skin calmed down straight away, and I did have very bad breakouts around my chin/mouth area and also on my cheeks (very sad and bad times). When my skin started to get better I stopped using it, but my skin got worse when I stopped so I have started using it again tonight and it has already calmed down as I am writing this. My Mum even commented tonight that it looked better. By no means expect all your spots to disappear if you try this, but it really has helped mine a lot by just calming my breakouts down and making them less painful and easier to cover up. This is one home remedy that I will be recommending to everyone!

Do you have any tips on how to deal with acne/break outs?



  1. Haven't heard this home remedy before, I will have to give it a go!