Saturday, 17 July 2010

Rings n Things

I am a masssssive ring fan. I either wear none or loads! Usually not in hot weather (like at the moment) as I find it a bit uncomfortable. But the rest of the year I wear a lot, and I love mixing them up and stacking them. I don't care if people say you shouldn't mix metals - cos I do, and I think its looks great! I do prefer silver rings but I do have some lovely gold ones that I wouldn't be without either. I have tons of cheap rings from H and M, but a few special ones, so here they are! I decided not to photograph on my hands as I HATE my hands haha :) Enjoy!



1. Yves Saint Laurent Arty Dots Ring - from Net-A-Porter, I don't think its available anymore but YSL have lots of gorgegous rings like this! I remember buying this as a treat when I got my job!

2. Chanel Quilted Gold Ring - this was a very generous present, and I LOVE IT! I only wear it on special occasions though as its so precious.

3. Skull ring with Swarovski Crystals - I bought this at the Clothes Show in Birmingham last year from a stall called Park Side -it was about £15. Sadly its going green (don't you hate when that happens?) so I have to be careful how much I wear it. You can find their website here

4 & 6. Set of three stacking silver rings and wrap around stud ring - these are possibly my favourite rings ever. They are from an AMAZING jewellery designed called Daisy Knights who I have privilege of knowing. She made these for me last summer along with a bracelet. You can see her beautiful collections here and some of her pieces are available here

5. I LOVE this ring as well! When my friend told me she was going to New York last year, I just had to ask her to buy this for me from Bloomingdales as I hadn't been able to find the collection anywhere in the UK. The ring is by Robert Lee Morris for Elizabeth and James. The whole collection was stunning and I wish so much I could have bought more.

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