Monday, 12 July 2010

My New Sunglasses and Failed Eyelashes

Hellooo everyone!

How you all doing? As I mentioned previously I have a week off work this week which I am soooo happy about! Its amazing having a rest and I plan to try and write a blog everyday this week :)

Today I wanted to write about eyelashes - I tried out Sleek's Shanghai ones, and I have to say they were a big disaster because the glue didn't even work! I swear! I tried it two or three times and they just would not stick to my eyes. I was so disappointed. So I put on a pair from after that which worked fine, but they are so subtle you can't really tell I even have them on.

So what with the eyelash fail I decided to just cover up my eyes and show you my brand new sunglasses that I am in love with - they are so retro! They are from Chloe and I will let my silly pictures do the talking! Sorry about the posing but I just couldn't help it haha!

I think I will be wearing these all summer long ...