Monday, 6 June 2011 Contact Lenses Review

Hey girls!
Today I want to show you the lenses I bought from
They cost me around £14, and I went for a light blue colour. It was free postage and they arrived within two or three days.
My eyes are naturally light bluey grey, and I thought these would be a lot lighter than they turned out to be, so in fact they make my eyes look a much darker blue. I guess thats the perils of buying online though, you're never sure of the colour you're going to get.
I've never worn contact lenses or glasses in my life, I bought these purely for fun, with the goal of making my eyes look bigger from wearing them, so I'm not too bothered about the colour.
It took me about 4 or 5 tries to get the contacts in, but once they were in they felt comfortable and I could see perfectly.
I love the effect they give! My eyes definitely looked bigger and darker, but not crazily so - my family didn't really notice I had them in until I told them, so its quite subtle.
I've been wanting to write about these for a few weeks but I just hate taking close up shots of my face so I struggled with getting pictures. However if you are interested in seeing better comparisons of contact lenses please go and have a look at Moments Like Diamonds who aside from having an amazing blog has several contact reviews with great photos to see.
You can see my eyes without contacts just about, here (I seem to be wearing sunglasses in most of my outfit I detect a complex about photographing my eyes!?)
But here is the only shots of me with them in that I dare to showyou, I think its pretty obvious once you know!
I think it would be comfortable to wear them for about 4/5 hours at any one time. They can last a pretty long time as long as you have contact solution to store them in.


Do any of you wear coloured or enlarging contacts?


  1. these look amazing on you!! i've wanted to try some circle lenses for ages but i'm too chicken. i've never worn contacts either so the idea of putting something in my eye freaks me out haha. but i love the effect of these, perfect for that gyaru look xx

  2. omg I should get some! haha I also have never worn contact lenses but I don't think it'd bother me. Can you feel them in your eyes at all?
    and I just dropped by since you were following me :) and was wondering if you knew the personal stylist rachel zoe? I think someone who handles press commented back asking if I had an interview for her what I'd ask and I was wondering if you had any questions I could add with mine? if I got lucky and she responded I'd put it all on my blog :)

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  4. You look so pretty with or without the big eye contacts. :)

    The Cat Hag

  5. those are kind of cheap lenses *-* i want to get new colors, I have a few but I want a purple colors haha x)

  6. Wah, those circle lenses look so pretty on you :D!

  7. Your so pretty! Love your blog! Hey would you check out mine? If you follow I would be happy to return the favor!
    thanks so much!

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  9. thanks for all your comments!! :)

    @Caroline yes i was freaked out too by putting them in my eye but I think it gets easier with practise!

    @elizabeth once they are in they feel fine, I think once you wear them a lot you will forget they are in :)

    @addie thank you hun ^-^

    @ria what you do mean by cheap? cheap as in price? i didn't really want to spend loads in case i couldn't get them in my eye lol! i would like to try purple too :)

    @baby.xi thanks sweetheart!! :D

    @shelby of course, i'm going to check your blog out right now :) thanks for stopping by

    @eimi.desu thank you!! of course i am going to see your blog now xx

  10. what lesnses are these? sooo nice!