Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Flare Path

For my birthday my Mum took me to see a play which I have really really wanted to see, but been put off by the ticket prices - £80 per ticket anyone!? Flare Path is on at the Theatre Royal Haymarket, and Mum managed to get some last minute tickets for a much more reasonable price. Flare Path is a play by Terrence Rattigan, starring Sienna Miller and also James Purefoy (who played Marc Anthony in Rome) and the star of the show for me Harry Hadden-Paton. It was brilliant!! I love anything to do with WW2, and this play is set in the war, at a hotel up north near an RAF base, and it centers around the pilots and their wives. Sienna is brilliant, and her husband (Hadden-Paton) is amazing - I know they are actors but I can't believe how he puts on such an emotional intense performance EVERY night!! Sheridan Smith was also wonderful, and I shed more than a few tears from her acting/storyline. On a side note, I also loved Sienna's wardrobe, she wore a beautiful navy long sleeved dress in the first half, and lovely tailored grey trousers with a cream blouse in the second. I want both of the outfits! If you are in London and get the chance to see this play, I really urge you to go as I loved it. I think it runs til June time!

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